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Yacht Sales Broker

Yacht Sales Broker

Your Role: As a Yacht Sales Broker, your primary responsibility is to facilitate yacht transactions, connecting buyers and sellers in the yachting industry. Your tasks encompass managing client relationships, conducting market research, creating compelling listings, negotiating deals, ensuring legal compliance, handling documentation, managing finances, and building a professional network within the industry.

Your Qualifications and Skills:
1. Proven experience in yacht sales or related fields.
2. A strong knowledge of yachts and the yachting industry.
3. Exceptional communication and negotiation skills.
4. Keen attention to detail and strong organizational abilities.
5. A good understanding of legal and regulatory requirements.
6. Proficiency in marketing tools and software.
7. Previous experience in the luxury market is a valuable asset.
8. Relevant certifications will enhance your profile.

Your Work Environment: Your work as a Yacht Sales Broker will involve a blend of office work, participation in boat shows and events, and on-site visits for yacht inspections. Be prepared for irregular hours, including weekends and evenings, to meet client demands and event schedules.

Please send a CV and an introduction letter to sales@oxyzenyachting.com