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The top tenders at Monaco Yacht Show 2021


October 30, 2021

The top tenders at Monaco Yacht Show 2021

Eelex 8000 2021

Credit: X Shore

Reaching full charge in just six hours, the Eelex 8000 electric tender can reach speeds of up to 35 knots and has a maximum range of 100 nautical miles at slower speeds. Inspired by the South American electric eel, the tender will come to an automatic stop if the driver falls overboard and features a capacity of 2500kg, giving owners the option to transport multiple passengers or heavy equipment. The stepped hull protects guests from wind and spray, as well as reducing energy consumption by 35 per cent.

Miss Wonderly (Falcon)

Miss Wonderly tender

Credit: Falcon

Designed by superyacht designer Michael Leach Design, the 10.5 metres Miss Wonderly is Falcon Tenders’ first Hybrid limousine tender. Described as the ideal accompaniment for superyachts measuring over 100 metres, the tender features a sleek design capable of ferrying 14 guests from superyacht to shore.

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source: Boat International

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