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The Importance of the Perfect Crew for Υour Next Superyacht Charter


February 17, 2021

The Importance of the Perfect Crew for Υour Next Superyacht Charter

We are currently living in uncertain times with the outbreak of Covid-19. It is a situation that no one could have predicted so we are all working together in order to ensure that our industry will come out of this global crisis.

In 2020 we learned to work in different ways. Many things have been cancelled, but NOT ALL ARE… Sunshine cannot be cancelled, the summer is not cancelled, and most important, hope cannot be cancelled, and thus, we can all hope that this year everything will be much better! So now is the best time to start planning your next Greek Mythical Yachting excursion.

The devil is in the details. 

The importance of a well crewed yacht is no detail, but the quality of each individual member is. You can never be sure what the key to a successful crew synthesis is so we will try to give some details that one should look for when planning a yacht charter.

A captain that is preferably local and has vast knowledge of the cruising grounds. Anchoring in a secret cove, tied up to a tree or rock is part of the experience. Restaurants, points of interest, sightseeing, local markets and the best activities to match your character and expectations. The Captain is the true key person to start with, when going through the crew profile. Usually, the Captain should choose his crew and he is the one who creates the operational procedures in order to have the boat working like a well greased machine. You should prefer a Captain that has international navigating experience, which means he has adopted the best techniques and implemented them in his local knowledge. Age is not important and does not necessarily mean that a Captain is inexperienced because of his age, or he lacks motivation due to significant exposure to many charters. This is a highly skilled and demanding position with lots of responsibilities and stress. Get in touch with the Captain of the potential yacht and ask him what he thinks as an ideal cruising grounds and an itinerary for the season you are thinking of visiting. A good question to determine how well run the yacht is, is how many years has the crew been together for. 

The longer the crew has been together, the easier and smoother the operation will be. You might never understand what is happening behind the scenes. But you will definitely enjoy the results of a 5* hotel trained house keeping service. Not all chief stewards have the certification that is preferred at the highest level of catering and service, on a yacht. Silver Service Certification means that experience and character aside, your culinary experience will be significantly enhanced when formality is required. It is easy to slow down and enjoy a laid back experience on board, but it is incredibly difficult to step up and perform a complex and high volume of demanding operations while maintaining a Silver Service Rated Dinner with a huge smile. 

A dinner prepared from the Chef of the Yacht. 

The Chef on board has one goal. To make your tastebuds tingle. Morning, noon and night and beyond that, into the early hours of the morning if a special occasion demands it. Ask the Captain prior to confirming your next charter for a Menu Sample. A Chef’s recommendation for the perfect breakfast, lunch dinner and desert. Ask for the Chef’s favorite local delicacy and also ask him to give you his version of your own personal favorite plate! You should be pleasantly surprised with the feedback.

Of course, no cruise is perfect without the right amount of water sports fun. Something that the deckhands on board are responsible for. Whether teaching you or the children how to wakeboard, kite surf, jet surf or glide on a jet foil, an experienced, qualified deckhand should be your wingman over most of the hours of the day. Deckhands move you and your guests with the tender around the area. They entertain you and your children while keep the yacht in pristine, glossy condition. Multitasking is a deckhand’s primary objective. A Yacht’s swiss army knife. Thus a good advise is when scrolling through the yacht’s toys and equipment, the longer it is, the better the deckhands are.  

Of course, no yacht can be fun without it being in pristine condition. All systems should be operational to say the least and there should be no mechanical issue to ruin your most precious time of the year. On board, the Engineer’s quality is represented by the look of the engine room. Shiny and clean, grease free, and sparkling white, so any oil spill is easily detected, the engine room is a very good example of the Chief Engineer’s character and abilities. Ask for a picture of the engine room prior to choosing your next yacht. Heck, ask for many pictures of the engine room prior to choosing your next yacht. Probably you meet them rarely but that doesn’t mean that their professionalism is not crucial to your memorable holidays.

The crew is the most important factor in elevating your yachting journey from remarkable to fabulous! 

The yacht itself is important. It can be beautiful, elegant, voluptuous. But It is like a human body without a heart. The crew is the heart of the yacht. It is what makes your vacation unforgettable, the crew is the reason that you prefer to come back to a friendly and well-trained crew who makes you feel like home.

For all these reasons let us find the right crew for your expectations. Don’t pick up a yacht just for its fabulous interior design. We will find for you the yacht with the finest interior design and the best possible crew that will deliver you the holidays of a lifetime. Let us know your priorities. A formal silver service or you might be interested in a more family style with more interactive crew. Do you prefer specific nationalities or spoken languages? Whatever you have on your mind, why don’t you let us know. We most probably have the right answer. 

Let’s start planning your next memorable holidays in Greece!

photos via instagram @table_stylist_super_yachts @yachtrola and unknown (please contact us for credits)