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The Coolest Kit to Keep on Board in 2021


May 28, 2021

The Coolest Kit to Keep on Board in 2021

The superyacht toy business is enjoying a true golden age – never before have owners had the option to enjoy the water in so many different ways. Here we take a look at some of the cooler things you can pack on board…

Project Neptune

Triton Submarines and British marque Aston Martin have joined forces to create the ultimate luxury submersible. Project Neptune is a sleek super-sub capable of diving to depths of 500 metres while cossetting passengers in an uber-luxe interior.  Weighing 4,200kg and standing just 1.9 metres tall, the submersible is compact enough to squeeze into a tender garage or can easily sit on deck in pride of place. Project Neptune offers a bulbous cabin for panoramic views complemented by a quintessentially Aston Martin interior featuring hand-stitched leather and a carbon fibre trim. While a top speed of five knots might not sound like much – particularly for an Aston Martin – it’s actually four times the acceleration of Triton’s flagship 3300/3 submarine.

Manta 5

A New Zealand-based company has revealed the world’s first water-bike using the same technology as America’s Cup sailing yachts. Manta 5’s hydrofoil eBike, the XE-1, is suitable for all fitness levels and allows riders to explore coastlines and to train on the water. Resilient against saltwater corrosion, the bike has a top speed of around 20km/h.

RoboSea Robo-Shark

This underwater drone not only looks like a shark (and, at 2.2m in length, it is the size of one), it also moves like a shark. This unique mimicry allows it to get closer to underwater creatures, which in turn means you get a better view of aquatic life. At around 75kg it’s pretty hefty, but it does have automatic obstacle avoidance and a multi-joint caudal fin that reduces water noise. Top speed is 10 knots, and it can be used at distances up to 2km and depths of 300m. Battery life is two hours, and it can also be fitted with nearly any camera, communication or sensor rig.


A cross between a helicopter and a car, this extraordinary vehicle can fly as well as drive. On the road, it is a low-slung three-wheeler capable of up to 160km/h with its 100hp engine. Switch to flight mode and the aero propeller at the back can push it to 180km/h with a 400-kilometre range. Large rotor blades on top provide lift and are turned solely by the forward motion of the vehicle. Italian style and finish are allied with solid Dutch engineering. Sensibly, mandatory training is included in the price tag.

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Bell 406GXP

Yachts aside, there’s no better way to get from A to B than a helicopter. Offering utmost privacy and supreme comfort, they’re the perfect option for whisking guests from ship to shore in style, avoiding all the woes of traffic jams and unreliable public transport. Featuring a Rolls-Royce 250-C47B/8 engine with Garmin 1000H avionics and a warranty until June 2021, this particular preloved Bell 407 GXP is available immediately from HERREOS Aviation. Whether you’re new to the aerial world or an experienced buyer, HERREOS Aviation is available to provide you with advice and guidance in your quest for one of the coolest toys money can buy.


This award-winning jet board debuted in 2018 as the premier product from Awake’s electric surfboard portfolio. Built in carbon fibre and controlled by a wireless handheld throttle, riders can skim across the water at a blinding 30 knots for up to 45 minutes. A wide tail helps with balance for beginner boarders while sharp edges will get you carving through the water in no time. There are four rider modes, KIDS, ECO, SPORT and EXTREME, so you can set the pace.


Super73-S1 electric bike

This is a stylish, street-legal, long-range electric bike that requires no licence or registration, so is perfect for island jaunts in far-flung locations. With its plush motorcycle bench seat, the S1 has been designed to fit riders from 1.45m to 2.06m tall, while the 4in-wide fat tyres should ensure a smooth ride and make it good for off-roading. It has a decent 55km to 65km range at 32km/h, and recharge time should be around five to seven hours.

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Lift eFoil

Lift’s eFoil is based on more than 10 years’ experience honing non-powered foiling systems for surfboards and SUPs, beginning in a garage in Puerto Rico. The electric version uses high-grade lithium-ion cells to provide a ride of 60 to 90 minutes and a fast recharge time of two hours. Batteries are interchangeable and can achieve speeds of 40km/h with a prop milled from a block of aluminium. Control is via Bluetooth handheld remote.


Available in Greece through Deramar

FunAir Toy Island

Perfect for parking the PWCs and Seabobs away from the mothership, the Toy Island is the latest product in FunAir’s extensive range of fun-enhancing inflatables. It can be tethered to the swim platform, a jetty or even sit independently in the water. The super-stable platform comes with a set of stairs to make boarding a breeze, and a central seat offers a spot for a break between activities. Designed for easy deployment, the Toy Island also packs away “light and tight”, according to FunAir.


Available in Greece through Deramar

Super Air Nautique G23 Paragon

Wake boats are what this brand is all about, but the Paragon is Nautique’s first attempt at a superyacht-standard fit-out. The Paragon does all the key stuff very well, with its configurable running surface that can produce a perfectly shaped surf wake or optimise the boat for planing speed. A handheld switch allows the rider to change the wake from left to right without signalling to the driver. But it’s the finish that sets it apart from its predecessors, with aggressive polygonal exterior styling coupled with plush upholstery and convertible lounge seating.

Sailboat RC Kantun 2 IOM Premium

The Croatian model boat maestros at Sailboat RC have created a hugely successful International One Metre class boat, with three suits of sails and full custom decals. This promises some remote-controlled fun from your swim platform.


Blu3 Nemo

There are a couple of drawbacks to the freedom scuba diving affords you: you need a lot of kit, and it can be cumbersome. Enter the Nemo, a devilishly clever device, about the size of a toaster, that allows you to dive up to three metres down, using just a tube attached to an air-supply system that floats on the surface. What’s more, it doubles as a diving buoy. The Nemo will run for more than an hour, and as this is a rechargeable, battery-powered air-compressor system, the clever folks at Blu3 have made the power packs swappable, so additional packs will eliminate the need to wait before allowing others to take their turn.

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NautiBuoy X-shade

There’s no easier way to extend your beach club than with a NautiBuoy platform or two. They’ve already been adapted to provide docking for Seabobs and jet skis, but the brand has now introduced leisure features designed to get you relaxing on them too. A new parasol fitting, which grips on to the edge of the board with an Air Toggle, is now available. The canopy will provide dappled shade, while the adjustable base stands up to wind and waves.


Available in Greece through Deramar

MATE X Moncler

Moncler has collaborated with foldable e-bike specialist MATE on a new model designed to tackle steep ascents with ease. Available with a 250W or 1,000W motor, the MATE X Moncler can reach 52km/h and can travel 110 kilometres on a single charge. 4G-connected and built from space-grade aluminium, it will be available in peak white or deep black from November.

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Foiling jet boards are the toy of the moment, and this Australian-designed unit is among the best. With a lightweight quality build in carbon fibre and aluminium, it can propel you above the waves at up to 45km/h. And because it is fully electric with a near-silent motor built into the fuselage it is a greener option too. The interchangeable 2.1kWh lithium-ion battery gives a reported 90-minute running time. Choose from a range of foils according to experience level and use the wireless remote for control.

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BOTE Aero HD Inflatable SUP

BOTE’s 3.5m Aero HD inflatable stand-up paddleboard, made of extra strong PVC with wood inlay, boasts great style and extra rigidity. It weighs around 13.6kg and will support a 142kg load. Bungee strings on top mean it can carry gear, like fishing poles or lights; it can be fitted with a tackle rack; and its fins and 86cm width make it perfectly stable. Inflatable in seconds with an electric pump, it packs tightly into its own waterproof bag.

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Tiwal 3

Inflatable but super-rigid, courtesy of its “3D textile” hull, this minimalist sailing dinghy is fast and wet. It’s great fun in a breeze and looks cool too, and can be packed into the trunk of a car – or even stashed in the corner of your beach club.

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Available in Greece through Deramar


Inspired by ancient stories of the Polynesian chiefs who surfed on the best “olo” boards, German startup OLO aims to produce the best electric surfboards money can buy. They feature more rocker (bottom curve) for faster turns and steeper waves, as well as an 11kW electric motor and up to 50 minutes of running time. Built from high-quality carbon fibre, they also offer a Bluetooth-controlled throttle, integrated storage for valuables and a battery that you can swap out in 30 seconds. The design is completely customisable, from gold leaf to a detailed image.

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Supermarinovation X2 Sport

If ever there was a James Bond piece of tech for the superyacht, this is it. The X2 Sport underwater jet pack from Supermarinovation promises to propel you at speeds of up to 6mph for a full hour courtesy of two Iron Man-style, forearm-mounted Hydra thrusters. Just don’t forget your goggles.

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Beau Lake Tahoe 14

Canadian boatbuilder Beau Lake has created the Tahoe 14, a retro, electric, eco-friendly boat that should transport you in considerable (and silent) style. At just under 4.3m, and with a hand-carved mahogany tiller with mirror-polished stainless-steel castings and hardware, this 181kg boat hits a slow and steady 3.5 knots in cruise mode, or you can open up the taps for a heady maximum of 6 knots. The honeycomb-core fibreglass hull and cockpit couples with an infused real-wood mahogany deck, resulting in a stylish look that requires almost no maintenance. Bespoke options include your choice of upholstery and carpeting as well as multicoloured LED lighting and integrated Bluetooth speakers. You won’t need to remember to spec the two-compartment cooler and charcuterie board, as these come as standard, naturally.

Source: Boat International

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