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May 14, 2021

(curated by Tina Presche, Oxyzen Yachting)

I want all my senses engaged. Let me absorb the world’s variety and uniqueness. – Maya Angelou

This month’s article is about the world of senses – and how we will let them be tickled and reawakened – after the pandemic has stifled our senses these last months. So lean back, relax and join us on this voyage.


We sniff a flower, smell a food, inhale perfume and immediately think back to a person or an experience; smells can trigger memories, substantially stronger than any other sense. So why not combine future memories of your next superyacht charter with the scents of the perfumes of Greek perfumer Theodoros Kalotinis and have one of his creations waiting for you upon arrival?

With the combination of classicism and high-quality natural substances used for his perfumes, Theodoros Kalotinis captivates the heart and trust of his customers who love perfumes well-known for their distinctiveness and authenticity. The House of Theodoros Kalotinis Perfumer is the first Greek house of artisan perfume that successfully transformed nature into inspiration.

Theodoros Kalotinis creates perfumes that combine unique essential oils of High Perfumery with natural substances from Greek Nature. His exclusive perfumes became famous  and sought after internationally; even the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are devoted fans.

Let us satisfy your curiosity. Send us a message and we’ll provide you with more information.

Tasting and visioning

Undeniably touching all of your senses will be dinner at Lycabettus in Santorini. Located at Andronis Luxury Suites in Oia, this unique restaurant offers fine dining in a very intimate setting, on the edge of a cliff, with a splendiferous view. This delightful terrace is shaded by countless clusters of stars and creates a sense of grandeur in a relaxed and elegant setting. Expect nothing else but the finest flavors from all over the island in an incomparable atmosphere. Moreover, the famous service and luxury of the Andronis philosophy will captivate you.

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And on the next step of our voyage into the world of senses; we’d like to introduce to you our brand new Oxyzen Yachting music collection with our very own playlists and compilations exclusively curated for us by “friends of Oxyzen”. Feel free to check them out, either on Apple Music (oxyzenyachting) or Spotify (Oxyzen Yachting). And of course, you are more than welcome to follow us. The profile and lists will be updated regularly and leave you dreaming and wishing you’d be listening to them on the Sundeck of a yacht.

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Listen here


Touching on the topic of sundecks, there is nothing more relaxing than feel of sunrays caressing your skin. Cruising the Greek Sea at sunset, dipping your toes into the refreshing water of an onboard pool or stargazing at night while soaking in the jacuzzi are only a few of the many pleasures awaiting you. So when planning your next yacht charter you might want to take the sundeck into consideration. Here are some examples. But of course there are countless options.

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M/Y Chakra

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M/Y O’Mega

Ein Bild, das Himmel, Deck enthält.

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M/Y Dinaïa

Ein Bild, das Himmel, draußen enthält.

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M/Y Jaz

Ein Bild, das Himmel, Ozean, überschauend, Insel enthält.

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M/Y Whisper V

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or want to inquire for a luxury yacht charter.

No matter what your plans for this summer – make sure they contain enough “Blue”. May it be by diving into the ocean, letting your mind wander under an Azur sky, dining at midnight under the stars, inhaling sea-salty air during a walk on the beach or while sipping on a glass of wine on the Aft Deck of a yacht.

Never forget, blue is soothing to the soul and calming for the senses. Wishing you a very relaxed month of May!

Oxyzen Infused edition .2 – April