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Holidays in Greece


March 31, 2021

Holidays in Greece


Greece is mostly known as a destination for summer holidays and most tourists come to Greece in summer months to enjoy all the positive features that Greece has to offer. In fact, the tourism season in Greece starts in May and lasts till the beginning of October or even more depending on the weather conditions.


Spring is a lovely season to visit Greece. Foreigners who come to the country for their spring holidays enjoy the warm temperature, the few crowds and the blossoming nature. March in Greece can be a bit cold, but from April and onwards the temperature gets warmer and in May people start swimming in the sea.

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 Greece is the country that combines differences: sea and mountains, city and villages, studios and resorts. You will find many resorts for luxurious holidays in Greece and the Greek islands, with the most comfortable facilities and the most impressive premises. And the Greek Sea is the perfect cruising ground for a yacht charter. Discover some of Greeks countless gems in the Aegean or Ionian Sea while indulging yourself in the luxury of a superyacht.


Finding or looking for a cultural and fine art holidays in Greece seems absolutely natural… Where else could you find a place with such a rich history in Art, a land that provides inspiration to artists for thousands of years by now. It was actually as early as in 500 BC, when Greek artists first painted the human form in three dimensions!


Mykonos island is the top destination for gay holidays in Greece and among the most popular gay resorts in the world. There are numerous gay-friendly hotels and clubs on the island. On Mykonos everyone feels free to express themselves and their choices.

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Surrounded by the Aegean, the Ionian and the Mediterranean Sea, it is not surprising that fishing in Greece is so popular. However, it is not only the existence but also the cleanness of the sea that favors fishing in Greece. In fact, the Greek sea water is among the cleanest in the world and has frequently been awarded with prizes for the quality of its water.


The Greek cuisine is known all over the world for its delicious dishes that come to a wide variety of tastes, satisfying both vegetarians and meat eaters. The secrets that have made it that popular are the fresh ingredients of good quality, the right and wise use of different herbs and spices and of course the Greek olive oil.



Is there a more perfect country in the world for romantic holidays than Greece? The sun, the sea, the light, the air breeze, the moon, the nature colors, everything in Greece creates a romantic environment. Couples from all over the world come to Greece for their honeymoon. In fact, there are fabulous hotels in the Greek islands with luxurious honeymoon suites, offering all modern comforts and privacy for the happy couple.

These are some of the uncountable reasons to visit Greece.  Whatever your reason, when choosing a luxury yacht charter, OXYZEN YACHTING will organize a memorable holiday for you and your loved ones.

And as unique as your yacht charter will be, will also be the impressions and memories you’ll take home.

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